Studio services


In addition to producing my own music, I offer mixing services for other artists.

My studio is equipped with industry standard digital tools. Universal Audio plugins, Neuman monitors, a small SSL desk, microphones, piano, guitars and a lap steel.

I collaborate with local mastering engineers.

Song writing

Songwriting can be daunting, but it’s about expressing emotions and telling a story. Start with a catchy melody, beat or compelling lyric, build a mood, and elaborate. Keep it simple, stay true to your voice, and have fun with the process!

Guitar tracks

I write and record guitar tracks across various genres, including rock, pop, jazz, and experimental styles. Whether you need electric, acoustic, or lap steel guitar, I can create custom tracks tailored to your project. All recordings are captured with equality microphones and preamps.

Sound recording off site

Live audio recording of choir, ensembles and bands. I collaborate with local studios and advice on finding a room with suitable acoustics.

Portrait photos by Tord F Paulsen